Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10th Birthday Gift MySpace Comments

If you know someone who's turning 10 this year, you're probably anxiously looking for a great birthday gift to give him or her a surprise. You can give a perfect birthday kit that include everything that he or she will be needing to celebrate the birthday. If you are not getting it in the market, don't worry. You can make it yourself at home. All you need to have a 8'x6'x6' cardboard box. Decorate the box with colored papers and make a list of what you want to include.

You can buy a pack of birthday balloons, 18 colored designed candles, two packs of gourmet chocolates and cookies and a cute photo frame. Pack the box well and use ribbon to tie it. Make it a neat bow. You can also arrange for a small bouquet of yellow roses to accompany the birthday kit. Reach out to your friend with a special birthday wish for your friend.

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Jason said...

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