Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fools Greetings -- MySpace Birthday Comments

April Fools Day is right at the bend and I'm sure you guys are looking for some good April Fools jokes. Ever thought of a birthday party on April Fools Day? Pat was really a flop inviting us on his birthday party on April Fools 2007. I suggested Dreck to launch his birthday party just after a couple of days.

Check out these cool April Fools Day thumb images, clicking on which you will be redirected to unique April Fools card.

April Fools Cards For Family

A Fabulous Discount Coupon... A smart ecard to play a prank on your family members on April Fools' Day.
A Treasure For You! Wish your family members a million dollar smile with this cute ecard.

Strike The Odd One! A hilarious but harmless prank, we guarantee your family will laugh at!
Check Out The Chicks... Send this ecard to your bro/cousin and fool him with this special dance arranged by you.

Happy April Fools' Day! Share a laugh with your family members and wish them a Happy April Fools' Day!
Pillow Prank! Pull a fast one on your spouse and watch him/her LOL!

Best Bother Award! Play a prank on your bro! Make him laugh out loud!
Sibling Revelry! Share a laugh with your sibling or cousin on April Fools Day!

April Fools Cards For Friends

Mirror Mirror On The Wall... Let your friends click on this special mirror and have a look at themselves on April Fools' Day.
Choose The Type Of Look You Want! Wish your friends a day 'fool' of fun!

A Friendship Message Book! Play a cool prank on your friend and bring on a big smile!
A Secret Message... A coded message to bluff your friend and wish a Happy Fools' Day.

Priceless Friendship! Pull a fast one on your friend and celebrate your friendship!
Cool, Smart, Brainy! Pull your friend's leg with this funny ecard.

Key To A Great Day! Wish your friend an ape-solutely funny April Fools' Day!
Ape-solutely Perfect Reflection! Share a fun friendship message with your friend!

April Fools Cards -- Smart Replies

You Got Me April Fooled? Puzzle the person who has fooled ya on April Fools' Day with this funky ecard.
A Special Gift... Add a punch on your loved one's day and get him/her April Fooled.

Smart Reply! Send a smart answer back to some one who's pulled your leg!
I'll Have My Day Too! A perfect prank to fool someone and make his/her day fool of fun.


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